Election Information

The Village of Adell has approximately 285 registered voters. Our Village has one ward.

Anyone new to the Village should contact the clerk about voter registration. To obtain an absentee ballot, visit If you have not requested a ballot online in the past, you will be asked to upload a voter ID. Your sample ballot can also be found at

Polls Open -- 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Voting Location -- Village Hall, 508 Seifert St, Adell
If you need to vote absentee, please call the village clerk at 920-668-6523 to make an appointment.

2024 Elections

  • August 13 - Partisan Primary
  • November 5 - General Election

  • Registration Requirements

    1. You must be a resident of the municipality for 10 consecutive days

    2. You must provide proof of residence at all times.

    3. You may no longer use a corroborating witness to verify your residency.

    4. You must provide the most recent address at which you were previously registered to vote.

    In-Person Registration

    You may register to vote anytime up to the Friday before an election at the Village Clerk-Treasurer's Office (no registration may take place on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday prior to an election). You will need the following in order to register:

    1. Voter Registration Form (which the Village can provide).

    2. A Wisconsin Driver's License or ID, OR if you do not have either one, the last four digits of your social security number. If you have a driver's license or ID, but just don't have it along, you may not use your social security number.  We are required by state law to collect your driver's license number.

    3. Proof of residence.

    Mail-In Registration

    You may also mail in your registration. In order to register, you must include a copy of your proof of residence with your application. The State of Wisconsin has a website to assist voters in registering. Please go to the MyVote website to complete your registration form. You must still print the registration form, sign it, and mail it to the Village along with your proof of residency document to complete your registration. Please send your completed Voter Registration Form and proof of residence to:

    Village of Adell Clerk/Treasurer
    508 Seifert St, Adell, WI 53001

    Absentee Voting Information

    If you are unable to come to the polls on Election Day, you may request an absentee ballot.  There are two ways to vote absentee, either in person at the Clerk's Office or you can request a ballot be mailed to you.

    In-person absentee voting is available for the two weeks prior to the election during regular office hours.  On the Friday before the election the office is closed so please plan accordingly.

    If you need an absentee ballot mailed to you, please complete the Absentee Ballot Request Form, print, sign and return to the Clerk's Office.  Per State law, mailed requests must be received at the Clerk's Office by the Thursday before the election to be processed.  A signed, written request is required.  We cannot mail out a ballot on a verbal request.  Your request should be mailed to:

    Village of Adell Clerk/Treasurer
    508 Seifert St, Adell, WI 53001

    All absentee ballots should be returned as soon as possible to ensure they will be counted, and must be postmarked by Election Day. 

    Election results and Provisional Ballots can be found after each election on the Sheboygan County Website.

    State of Wisconsin Election Websites

  • My Vote Wisconsin
  • Photo ID Information
  • Wisconsin Elections Commission

  • Election Forms

    Forms can be downloaded from the Elections Commission Website.
    The most commonly downloaded forms are linked here.

  • Application for Absentee Ballot & Instructions (EL-121)
  • Application for Voter Registration & Instructions (EL-131)